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We seek leadership in providing medical analysis services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Services for companies and institutions

Services for companies and institutions Alfa Laboratories serves its customers directly through its branches spread throughout the Kingdom, covering all regions. We offer our clients a unique set of programs and laboratory tests.

Hospital and health center services

ALFA Laboratories provide reliable and high-accuracy results for all tests through the use of the latest international technologies . WE use smart and technology systems that integrate systems between centers and our laboratories .

Individual services

ALFA Medical Laboratories provides diagnostic laboratory services for all medical tests, programs and packages for various age groups

Home visits

We provide you with distinguished services for collecting samples from home and obtaining the results as quickly as possible

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About Alfa Laboratory

We Seek To Serve You With A Pioneering Medical Service
Through Our Commitment For Quality And Safety


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Serve more than 1,000,000 visitors annually


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We Seek To Serve You With A Pioneering Medical Service
Through Our Commitment For Quality And Safety


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“thank you alfa laboratories , Good Experience”


“ALFA Laboratories are well-known as one of the best high-quality and diagnostic laboratories They have many advantage like speed and high accuracy”

Ahmed Alamer

“We thank the management of ALFA Medical Laboratories for their sophisticated treatment and rapid response and their endeavor to elevate their name and reputation by satisfying the customer and providing all that can be provided in terms of services, dealing and communication in the most wonderful way... Thank you, ALFA Medical Laboratories Management.”


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Alfa Laboratories seeks to bring the latest medical devices and modern techniques for early and accurate diagnosis of diseases.

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