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We Seek To Serve You With A Pioneering Medical Service
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Our Mission

Our mission stems from our values and our commitment to serving all members of society and segments of high-level service in terms of quality and accuracy

This is at prices acceptable to all segments, so our mission was to provide a pioneering medical service through our commitment to quality and safety

Our Vision

To be ranked first in providing laboratory services in the Gulf and the Arab world

We achieve this through teamwork, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and continuous development

Our Services

Alfa Laboratories seeks to bring the latest medical devices and modern techniques for early and accurate diagnosis of diseases, including diagnosing autoimmune diseases, with the latest device that performs these analyses, a device specially made to perform these specialized analyses, as well as a device for diagnosing many viral, bacterial, and genetic diseases through acid detection technology. Nuclear analysis of the causes of these diseases - known as PCR - including hepatitis, AIDS, and herpes viruses. This technology is very modern and requires an advanced device and highly trained specialists to ensure the quality and accuracy of the results. This necessitated the existence of a plan for training, development, and management to supervise the qualitative quality. In addition to that, Alfa Laboratories has all traditional and unconventional tests, and the laboratory receives patients as well as samples from dispensaries, hospitals, and clinics that wish to conduct these specialized analyzes for their patients.


What equipment is required for analysis?

Preparations for examinations may require asking the specialist doctor before the examination

Liver function tests measure a series of chemicals that relate to how the liver works.

They include substances that the liver makes or are affected by the health of liver cells, chemicals that the liver processes or secretes, and hormones that the liver makes to do its job.

Liver function tests are intended to give a picture of the 'condition' of the liver.

It is a sensitive way to look for liver stress or liver damage, as it often shows this before any liver symptoms or problems appear.

This means that the cause of liver stress or damage can be diagnosed and often reversed.

Liver function tests are also used for monitoring in cases of hepatitis, injury, or known disease.