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Alfa Laboratory for comprehensive medical analysis
ALFA MEDICAL LABORATORY GROUP is the best project in the GCC

Our mission

Serving all members of the society and slides Service high level of quality and accuracy at acceptable prices of all is not the meaning of quality is the high price and not the meaning of low price is the low level of accuracy and quality We have taken into account that medicine is a human profession in the first place and we have reached the solution of the difficult equation that we provide quality and accuracy at a price Suitable for all segments of society

work hours

Business hours:

Sat – Thr 21:00 – 8:00
Fri 21:00 – 4:00

Phone number:

920010505 - 0112167979

Our Goal
is full confidence in the results of our analysis, whether from the patient side or on our part we by employing highly qualified personnel and continuous training and commitment to the ethics and ethics of the profession and adherence to international quality standards and local

Our Branch


Olaya main branch 0112167979
Al Badia 0114257979
Anas Ibn Malik Road 0112777979
 Khalid Ibn Al Walid 0114117979


Buraydh  0163697979
Buraydh (2) 0163827979
Ar Rass 0163397979
Bukayriyah 0163357979
Unaizah 0163657979

The Northern Area

Tabuk 0144247979
Hail 0165437979
Duba 0144357979
Sakaka 0146467979

Eastern Province

Dammam (1) 0138357979
Dammam (2) 0138347979
Al-Ahsa 0135827979
Hafar Al Batin 0137217979

Southern Area

Khamis Mushait 0172557979
Abha 0172257979
Bisha 0176207979
Muhayil 0172857979
Sabt Alalayah 0176307979
Jazan 0173227979

House Pull Service

You can save your time, we provide you with the service of sampling from the patient's whereabouts, whether at home or the sampling service of corporate staff

Medical diagnostic laboratory services

High precision diagnostic laboratory services for all medical tests. We also offer screening and follow-up programs suitable for all patients of different age groups.

Service companies and medical centers

We offer special programs for the private sector and all health centers such as hospitals, clinics and clinics, where we have delegates deployed throughout the Kingdom to collect samples from these centers

Patients en

Patients en


Branch in KSA

Waiting Times en

Waiting Times en

1,000,000 +


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Non Stop eng